West Seattle Junction House

  • Location
    West Seattle, WA
  • Proposed Size
    2,130 House + 650 DADU + 650 Garage
  • Renderings
    SHED Team: Georgine Botha
  • Structural Engineer

Preview of a compact house and DADU located in the West Seattle Junction neighborhood. Targeting Net Zero energy use, twin gable structures, a 2,130 square foot house, and 650 square foot DADU and garage are situated to create a series of outdoor rooms for socializing, gardening, and tinkering.

The house is designed around a double-height space oriented to the west, with an interior stair that ascends to a roof deck featuring territorial views of the Olympic mountains. The DADU is accessed from the central courtyard and sits above a large garage that opens to the alley. The monopoly houses are clad in Shou Sugi Ban siding and create a lush garden compound scaled to the neighborhood and designed friendly to the street.