Our origins as a design-build firm continue to inspire and inform our design process, as we seek solutions that embody the qualities of economy, beauty and craft. We take on both large and small projects, and are always looking for new design challenges and opportunities.


We love old buildings and enjoy the challenge of remodeling and rehabilitating structures of all types, sizes and vintages. We appreciate the lessons that can accompany work on older buildings, and we often incorporate these lessons into our designs.


We strive to design spaces that embrace natural qualities and limit our impact on the environment. Our strategic approach to high performance building helps guide every step of the design process.


Our design process always begins with a thorough understanding of existing resources. Whether it’s a piece of land, piece of history, or an existing structure, we do the hard work required to recognize the value of what is already there. That is the beginning of the sustainable design process.


We are offering plans for our fan-favorite pizza oven in return for donations made to organizations advocating for change. Organizations include ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Wa Na Wari, Block Project, and more.


Our collective of individuals, designers, and artists appreciate quality design of all kinds. Our work draws on a wide and every-growing body of influences, and is therefore always developing. The common denominator in our work is not any particular style, but rather quality of light and space, thoughtful material choices, and attention to important details.


At SHED, artistic exploration is encouraged. We draw inspiration from our surroundings through community collaboration, artistic engagements and local events. We create objects and furniture for clients, partners and friends to satiate our desire to build.