Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca March was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. Rebecca pursued a background in interior design before receiving a Master’s in Architecture from Syracuse University. While at Syracuse, she contributed to a social housing program built by women, for women in Masoro, Rwanda, assisted in teaching global architectural history and theory, and studied in London and Berlin. Before relocating to the Pacific Northwest, she researched correlations between sexual education and poverty in order to secure grant funding for a mobile education hub.

Rebecca’s research explores the often overlooked beauty of ordinary objects, specifically as it pertains to the American single family home. Her Master’s thesis, Domestic Glitches in the “City of Good Neighbors” explores the overlap occurring between the existing physical construct of the house and opposing realities that happen on the interior. Her research of abnormal homes, in collaboration with Sean Morgan, was exhibited for the Syracuse Architecture Creative Works grant and published in Pidgin Magazine.